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    3 important tips for tooth extraction surgery

    3 important tips for tooth extraction surgery

    A tooth extraction surgery (for example, when getting dental implants) is a dental surgery where you are advised to prepare yourself before the procedure. If you choose preparation instead of fear, you will have far better chances of a quick and painless treatment as well as a faster healing than usual.

    What are the tips you should pay attention to? Some rules need to be followed carefully for the wounds to heal well after a dental operation. In the following you will get answers to the following questions:

    • What to consider before dental tooth extraction surgery?
    • Can you take medication before / after a dental operation?
    • What are the guidelines after tooth extraction surgery?

    1.1. Things to consider before a tooth extraction surgery

    A tooth extraction as well as any other dental surgery will be most successful if you are in good health, are well prepared and have confidence in the dentist.

    Besides this, it is advisable to eat before the dental treatment, otherwise your blood sugar level can get too low and you will most likely be tens. There are also dental surgeries after which you may not eat for several hours. In these cases, it is worth eating in advance (heavy, greasy foods should preferably be avoided so that the body is not overloaded). If the tooth surgery takes place under general anesthesia, you should not eat anything already the day before surgery and should not drink for 3 hours before the operation. The teeth, of course, need to be thoroughly cleaned.

    The most important thing however is the mental preparation. The calmer you are, the easier the procedure will be for both the dentist and you. It is extremely necessary to trust the dentist. You should only undergo the surgery if you have confidence in the oral surgeon.

    1.2 Medication before a tooth extraction surgery

    If you regularly take medications (as for heart disease ) your dentist may ask you to speak with your own doctor first. Your own doctor may decide whether you should continue taking your medication before, during and after dental surgery.

    You usually get antibiotics and painkillers after surgery. However, many patients do not realize that aspirin should not be taken for a few days before and after the surgery because it is not beneficial for blood clotting. Other vitamins as, vitamin C or multivitamin should be taken regularly as it helps in healing.

    1.3 Guidelines after tooth extraction surgery

    • Do not use mouthwash the days after dental surgery and do not suck on the operated area.
    • Cool the operated area for 20 minutes every hour as cooling reduces the possibility of local edema. If nothing else, you can wrap a frozen product in a towel.
    • Prevent local edema by also taking a calcium tablet daily.
    • Do not consume any dairy products for a few days after the tooth extraction surgery.
    • Coffee and alcohol consumption is not recommended either.
    • Pay special attention to oral care! Plaque can infect the surgical wound and thus endanger the operation.
    • Avoid smoking for at least two days after surgery.
    • If possible, avoid lying on a flat pillow for 2 days. You can try a half-sitting position (this also applies at night!).
    • Avoid physical stress and work after a dental surgery. This also applies to the use of sauna, solarium and swimming pool.
    • After the surgery for dental implants, spicy food should preferably be avoided.
    • Please take your medication exactly as described by the dentist as antibiotics can cause you harm if not taken properly.

    If you follow these tips, the wound will heal fast after your dental surgery!

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