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7 reasons for choosing Immediate Loadable Dental Implants
7 reasons for choosing immediate loadable dental implants Dental Clinic Budapest  offers  you permanent, stable teeth with immediate loadable dental implants.  You will regain your nice smile and your chewing function  with us within only a week. In the following you will get to know why dental implants are better than dentures. If you have...
Dental treatment cost-unexpected
Dental treatment cost- unexpected? Accidentally I came to read in a German article (in Frankfurt Allgemeine) about how a dental treatment cost abroad became a financial failure for someone. This can however easily occur when the treatment cost get much higher than the patient has imagined. Many dentist abroad fail to inform patients about all...
Teeth and pregnancy
Teeth and pregnancy During pregnancy, eating habits often change. Meals are more frequent and more sugary foods are eaten. This makes some pregnant women easier to develop holes in their teeth. Many pregnant women will also discover that the gums are inflamed and bleed more easily. This may be due to hormonal changes. To avoid...
Dentist abroad
Hereby we will introduce your dentist abroad the highly professional dental surgeon DR. WITH. DENT. BARÁTH GÁBOR as well as his dental clinic in Budapest. We do this because the dentist and the clinic are simply one of the best you can get in Budapest. Here is the reason why: Your dental clinic abroad in...
Sedation or general anesthesia under dental treatment?
Sedation or general anesthesia under dental treatment. When and how?   Just like thousands of other patients, you may also ask yourself “ Is it possible to get a dental treatment without any pain?" 1. Sedation or general anesthesia could be an answer on your question. Sedation or anesthesia is offered when: You are afraid...
Dental Prosthesis (denture) vs Dental Bridge – What shall I choose?
Dental Prosthesis (denture) or dental bridge? What is the difference? These have always been the questions that needed an answer. Over the past 30 years, dentists have used various methods to replace missing teeth. There is removable dental prosthesis or also called removable denture, but there are also irremovable prosthesis ( irremovable denture) and finally...