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    Dental Bridge

    Dental bridge abroad

    When you lose one or more teeth, it may change your smile and looks. Besides this, the hole can also affect your bite or lead to loss of additional teeth. But you often experience that the price of a dental bridge is quite high and takes a lot of time to get it done. Do not need to hesitate anymore!

    In this case, the solution can be a dental bridge abroad.

    The ends of the bridge can rest both on natural and artificial teeth (implants) while the gap is filled by a tooth replacement. We use immediate loading implants from Switzerland in order to reduce the delivery time for your bridge to 4-5 days. In addition, you can save up to 40% -70% on your new teeth. You can choose between porcelain dental crowns fused to metal or zircon crowns. The amount of implants to you bridges can be from 1- 20 pieces, depending on how how many teeth there are missing.

    A full mouth restoration

    We are talking about full mouth restoration when you need an upper and lower jaw restoration with dental bridges. In this case you will need 16-20 implants inserted. The procedure takes place under sedation but most of the time under general anesthesia. This is mostly necessary, because the surgery is of long duration up to 2-3 hours and sedation is not always enough for a pain free dental treatment.

    The dental implants can be traditional implants, but we mostly offer immediate loading dental implants due to several reasons. This way, you receive your temporary but irremovable denture already in a week. The denture is very stable and gives you the possibility to eat, speak and smile normally. However, this dental implant fixed prostheses needs to be replaced after the healing period of 4-6 months by a dental bridge.

    The dental bridge is a more healthy and aesthetic solution of longer duration then a denture.

    Furthermore, the procedure of a full mouth restoration is often easier and smoother for you with immediate loading implants then with traditional dental implants.

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