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    Dental crown

    A dental crown is like a hat that covers your own or your artificial tooth.

    It can be used in 3 cases:

    1. When you want to protect or strengthen broken teeth
    2. You want to get nice, white teeth.
    3. Or you have dental implants

    A dental crown can be made of both metallic and non-metallic material. Our dental clinic has crown fused to metal and dental crown made of zirconium .

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    Porcelain crown fused to metal

    These crowns have a metal base that is completely covered by the porcelain.

    Advantages of porcelain crown fused to metal:

    • Cheaper than the full porcelain crowns
    • It is very durable and has a long life


    If the gum shrinks in a couple of years, the base of the crown can be seen

    Zircon dental crowns

    Advantages of zircon in relation to other materials:

    • it is metal-free and thus also allergy-free.
    • it is aesthetic, blends well with the natural dental color and fits perfectly to the surface of the gums and to the neck of the tooth
    • it has sufficient strength and durability.
    • the surface of this crown has no plaque
    • the light is able to penetrate he tooth

    The only disadvantage of this material is the price, which is more expensive than materials made of metal.

    Dental crown at affordable price

    Whether you choose porcelain crown fused to metal or zircon, you will save at least 50%-70%  with us.


    Porcelain dental crown fused to metal cost: 220 €

    Zircon dental crown cost:                                 290 €

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    Own lab & modern technology are used to manufacture the crowns

    • CAD / CAM technology is used for precise restoration of the crowns
    • Our own lab gives you the possibility to test the crown color at any time and to receive it in a short period of time.
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