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    Dental implants in a day

    Dental implants in a day – the most advanced solution for you in case you have 1 or more missing teeth

    The implants are made in Switzerland and meet the highest international quality expectations. They function as teeth root and are made of titanium. As a result they do not cause any allergy and are totally acceptable for the human organism.

    What are the advantages of dental implants in a day?

     The treatment time is reduced from years to only one day.

    √ Even those patients can be supplied, who are rejected by dentists that work with conventional methods

    √ No need for bone graft or artificial bone replacement

     It is at affordable price

    √ The success rate is 99%

    √ The life span can be even 25 years

    √ Diabetes and smoking people can be treated, too.

    Save up to 70% on the price of an immediate implant

    The price of  “DENTAL IMPLANTS IN A DAY ” is only 590 €.

    This special price is even lower than the price of a traditional implant, because there are less costs involved with it.

    • there is no need for bone graft operation
    • it is made of only one unit in stead of two like the traditional implant ( screw and abutment)

    You can choose between two dental crown to your dental implant:

    ZIRCONIUM DENTAL CROWN-metal free: 290 €

    PORCELAIN DENTAL CROWN-fused to metal: 220 €

    Treatment process step by step using dental implants in a day ( so called immediate loading implants)

    Travel planning

    1.  You send us a panoramic X-ray
    2. We shall send you our best offer and a treatment plan
    3. The leisure manage, who is by the way your personal contact will book a time at the dentist and a room at the hotel

    Your first day

    1. Our driver will wait for at the airport and takes you to the hotel and to the clinic.
    2.  Your first meeting will take place with your dentist surgeon and your personal assistant
    3. The implants get inserted and a dental impression is taken

    Day 2 to day 4

    1. Test of the frame
    2. Test of the shape and color of your new teeth
    3. Fitting the teeth. You will regain your chewing function and appealing smile

    Day 5 

    1. You will have the last check up at your dentist before you leave
    2. You will be taken back to the airport and you can not stop smiling!

    You get for free

    Airport transfer


    X-ray and CT scan


    Dental treatment plan


    Consultation and Check-up


    Personal Assistance

    Tandbehandling i udlandet

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