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    Dental treatment cost-unexpected

    Dental treatment cost- unexpected?

    Accidentally I came to read in a German article (in Frankfurt Allgemeine) about how a dental treatment cost abroad became a financial failure for someone. This can however easily occur when the treatment cost get much higher than the patient has imagined. Many dentist abroad fail to inform patients about all the costs that may arise during a dental treatment. Thus your bill will be too high at the end.

    Causes of  unexpected high dental treatment costs

    You may receive an offer that only includes a portion of the dental treatment – the first treatment. It may easily happen that you are not fully aware of the number of treatments you need to get because you do not get the necessary information. When you get traditional dental implants, you should travel 2-3 times abroad before the treatment is over. You trust the dentist, why would you otherwise not? How do you know that you may also need temporary crowns or whether the prosthesis or bridge is not included in the dental treatment with implants.


    Examining and asking questions is extremely important (also about dental care).
    Collecting information about your treatment and its costs is always the most important thing. It is better to have someone else’s opinion and read about similar situations online than to be surprised at last. It is therefore also important to ask the dentist to include all the costs along with the dental treatment procedure already in the first offer. This way you can avoid getting a dental bill that will surprise you in the end. Occasionally, between two treatments, the dentist discovers that you need an extra treatment. For example, it may be necessary for you to get bone grafting or root canal treatment.  However, it does not mean your dentist’s bill will differ significantly from what you would otherwise have had.

    Be aware of what kind of dental treatment cost includes your bill

    These are some examples of cost:

    – When you pay for a dental implant, you might pay for 2 or 3 parts: the artificial tooth root ( implant), the abutment and the crown.

    – When you need a cover tooth, you should only pay for the crown. The crown can be placed on your own tooth root or an artificial root as an implant.

    – A dental bridge consists of several crowns. When you get a 3 led bridge, the price of a bridge should be the price of 3 crowns

    – Before you get a dental implant, you may sometimes need to undergo a sinus lift (bone grafting). This is done when there have not enough bones in your jaw to receive an implant

    Are you in doubt?

    If you have any further questions regarding dental treatment cost, please contact me. We offer our patients treatment plan that includes all dental treatments costs. In this way you know exactly what to expect and thus you can easily make a decision. There are no hidden costs. Get a quote by clicking on “I want to save up to 70%” below.