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    Important information about bone augmentation /sinus lift surgery

    Important information about bone augmentation / sinus lift surgery

    If you have been told by your dentist that you need bone augmentation/sinus lift, then you may want to read this article first before deciding to perform the surgery.

    In many cases, the dentist discovers that the patient does not have enough bone mass in the jaw in order to insert her/him a dental implant (artificial tooth root) .- The dental implant is recommended when the patient is missing one or more teeth.

    There may be several reasons for missing bone mass: lack of teeth for many years, inflammation, due to age or other causes. Unfortunately, if the bone is not strong and has not enough mass, it cannot hold on to an implant- and he has to insert bone tissue into the patient’s jaw- according to the conventional dentistry.

    The course and risks of bone grafting surgery

    The dentist takes bone tissue from the patient’s own hip, skull or shoulder and inserts it into the jaw. There are also artificial bones “bone replacement materials” from animals or the laboratory.
    It is a major operation where the gums heal in approx. 2 weeks, but it takes approx. 4-6 months before the implant can be inserted. It is important to emphasize that in clinical settings, only 60% of bone grafts are successful.

    Furthermore it can take up to 2 years, until the patient can get fixed teeth. In addition to the uncomfortable surgical treatment and the high cost, there is no guarantee that your body will accept the transplanted bone tissue.

    Dental implants without bone graft

    Fortunately, there is a better solution for those, who do not want to go through this nasty procedure. Immediate load implants are implants that can be used even in the hopeless cases, when the patient has only a small jaw bone mass, when the patient is a strong smoker, has diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

    With this new technology, the implant can be inserted in the jaw immediately and can give the patient the pleasure of eating, chewing and an aesthetic smile within only 5 days. All these without any bone grafting  or transplant.

    Since these new dental implants can be placed in thirty degrees, avoid hereby the sinus area and the need for bone replacement. Immediate load implants are inserted into the hard bone that is outside the spongy bone. It results in an immediate solid foundation for the new teeth.

    Benefits of using immediate load implants

    – the patient avoids getting additional foreign material into the body
    – the patient avoids further surgical risks – as there is only one operation with immediate load implants
    – low cost and more savings. One third of the total cost of the treatment is avoided as bone grafting is expensive
    – time saving: instead of several years, the patient will receive solid chewing teeth within a few days. Take a look at the pictures of patients before and after surgery.

    With immediate load implants you can avoid unnecessary surgeries, pain and further costs. Within only a couple of days you will be able to enjoy eating anything you desire and you cannot stop smiling. Further information about immediate load implants you can find here.