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    New teeth-5 days

    Uncompromising quality and beautiful new teeth in just 5 days!

    with immediate loading dental implants

    • you receive them immediately after tooth extraction
    • there is no need for bone grafting
    • diabetic people, smokers and people with high blood pressure can receive them, too
    • for people with little or limited time

    “The immediate loading implants with new teeth within only 5-7 days” are irremovable denture or bridge that look and feel like natural teeth. The implants are made of titanium ( allergy free material).  The dentures or bridges are with/without gum.

    Get stable irremovable new teeth in just 5 days!

    1. With cheaper, shorter healing period and more durable dental implants than with traditional implants

    • The recovery time is short thanks to the new technology based on 20 years of experience. It takes only 1 day to get dental implants and 5 days to get a denture.
    • The stress caused by the treatment is minimized. Further more you save both money and time, because you do not need to undergo a bone graft (sinus lift).
    • Your accommodation and transportation costs are also low, because of these few treatment days. The traditional dental implants on the other hand usually require several trips to Budapest in order for you to get new teeth.
    • You save 50% -70% 

    Stable new teeth/denture with immediate dental implants that provide perfect chewing function immediately.

    Studies and statistics show that 99% of patients can use these dental implants and the success rate is 98.2%.

    In addition to the speed and safety of the method, painless treatment is a third characteristic of these implants.

    2. New teeth with pain free treatment

    This Swiss technology allows the insertion of the dental implant to be smooth. This is due to the fact that it does not require any cut of your gum compared to the traditional implants. This means:

    • A less painful treatment
    • You only need sedation throughout the treatment.

    However, if you are still afraid, you also have the option to be treated under full anesthesia, if you wish so.

    Treatment Traditional  implants Our IHDE implants
    PRICE  Ø   More expensive     Cheaper
    RECOMMENDED  Ø  Only into bone with enough density  √  Also in case of jawbone loss
    TREATMENT TIME  Ø  6-12 months   5 days ( 95% of the  time)
    BONE GRAFT  Ø  might be necessary    not needed

    Prices for new teeth with irremovable denture

    Affordable package prices for stable new teeth/denture/bridge. All prices include the dental implants, which are also suitable for patients with loss of bone mass in their jaw.  

    The prices include everything  from the treatment under general anesthesia, transportation, English assistance, to city guide and much more. We shall also help you with accommodation and flight tickets. This way you don need to worry about anything.

    Restoration of lower jaw with 8 dental implants and fixed irremovable denture without any palate.Only 6.360 € 

    Restoration of upper jaw with 10 dental implants and fixed irremovable denture without any palate.Only 7.350 €  

    Full mouth restoration with 16-20 dental implants and fixed irremovable denture without any palate:Only 13.660 € 

    The irremovable denture will be replaced by bridge made of porcelain crowns after 6 months of healing period. The price of a dental crown is 220 €. Further prices about crowns and implants please press Prices .

    Take just a few steps for a beautiful smile with new teeth.

    1. Based on your panoramic X-ray, we´ll send you our best offer with the treatment plan.
    2. Your English speaking consultant will book a time for you and make a reservation at a hotel
    3. Our taxi driver will wait for you at the airport and takes you to the hotel, which will be near your dental clinic.
    4. The treatment takes 5-7 working days with short sessions.  Therefore you will have plenty of time to enjoy your stay.
    5. On the 5th-7th  day, the driver will take you back to the airport with your new and perfect smile!

    Your contact in Budapest

    The procedure of the treatment plan:

    1. Monday: THE TREATMENT STARTS- The bad teeth/implants or denture are removed, the new dental implants get inserted and an impression is taken
    2. Tuesday: TEST OF THE FRAMEWORK- If it fits properly, the technician will prepare your teeth
    3. Wednesday: CHECKUP-  Test of the new teeth and the color of the teeth
    4. Thursday:  FITTING THE TEETH – You will regain your proper chewing function and your appealing smile. We will ask you to have a proper dinner and to try your new teeth.
    5. Friday: CHECK-UP & GOOD BYE- You will have the last adjustments, if needed. Late evening or next morning you are free to fly back home with your perfect smile.

    Procedure of immediate dental implant 

    Who performs the treatment for your new teeth with dental implants?

    We have a highly qualified Dent-Alveolar surgeon, Dr. Baráth Gábor. He has worked with immediate loading implants for more than 20 years.  He has therefore a great knowledge and experience with them. In addition to this, he often attends international conferences about the latest implant technologies and methods.

    What advantages do you have by choosing immediate dental implants?

    • You will feel safe, because one of the best surgeons in Hungary/Budapest treats you.
    • You only need to travel once to Budapest in order to get stable, irremovable teeth.
    • The warranty is 10 years, but under proper conditions the lifetime increases op to 25 years.
    • You will feel no pain during your treatment
    • The prosthesis are manufactured at our own laboratory, so you can easily test the color and shape of the teeth and be sure of the quality
    • 99% of the patients can use these immediate loading implants

    Stable, fixed denture upon 4 dental implants within 5 days. It does not have any palate and it is removable. Only 4.759 €

    Fixed denture upon 4 implants for you, who has serious bone mass loss. It does not have any palate and it is removable. Only 5.752 €

    You get for free

    Airport transfer


    X-ray and CT scan


    Dental treatment plan


    Consultation and Check-up


    Personal Assistance

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