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    No more loose teeth! Have fixed teeth within 1 week!

    No more loose teeth! Have fixed teeth within 1 week!

    Loose teeth or bad teeth can often be a sign of periodontitis, which is a gum infection disease. The inflammation causes degradation of teeth and jaw bones, which eventually lead to tooth loss. But one thing is for sure, you can still get fixed teeth, despite of the fact that you may be a regular smoker, diabetic or have narrow jaw bones.

    There is no reason to have a bad life quality due to loose teeth anymore.

    A long-term and most reliable way to get new fixed teeth is with dental implants. The implants are intended to replace the roots of the teeth and to hold on to the dental bridge which acts as teeth. This way you get new teeth that are completely stuck and it feels like getting your own teeth back.

    Which implant is most suitable for you?

    There are many different implants on the market. However, 2 group of implants are distinguished. One is called “traditional/ conventional dental implants” while the other is “immediate loadable dental implants”.

    It does matter what you choose. It is especially important when you want to save money and time without compromising on quality. It is also important especially for people like diabetics, heavy smokers, patients with periodontitis- who suffer from loose teeth due to deteriorated jaw bone mass.

    In the following, you get the 5 most important elements to consider, when choosing between the 2 group of dental implants:

    Implant structure: The traditional implants are made of 2 parts: the screw part that replaces the root of the tooth and an intermediate abutment connecting the screw to the crown. The immediate loadable implants, on the other hand, are only made of a single part, where the screw is together with the abutment. This means that the immediate implants can be loaded immediately and the loose teeth replaced with irremovable teeth within a few days. This improves one’s quality of life within a very short time.

    Bone grafting/augmentation surgery in case of bone loss. Due to dental inflammation, the bone mass deteriorates and can no longer hold on to the teeth. The loose teeth can therefore easily fall out. Bone grafting surgery is needed to get the bones restored and to be able to insert new implants. The healing after bone augmentation takes several months and it is not always 100% successful. However, this only applies to traditional implants. Thanks to the structure of the immediate loadable implants as well as the way of operation with the new technology, these implants do not require any bone augmentation. This means less cost and faster healing period for the patient.

    Temporal difference: With immediate implants, you can get implant-supported full bridge in a week and forget about loose teeth. This means you can eat, smile and talk normally again. This can only be done because there is no need for bone grafting and the structure of the implants allows the dentist to fix the bridge on the implants at once. With traditional implants, you can only get an irremovable bridge after 6 months, when the abutment is also put on top of the implant and tied together with the crown.

    Price difference: Costs are low with immediate implants, partly because few materials are required,  partly because there is no need for further bone augmentation surgery and the entire treatment is over quickly. In addition to these, the cost may be even lower if you want to consider clinics abroad that specialize in the treatment of loose teeth and dental implant surgery. Here you can save up to 70% compared to UK or other western countries.

    Dentist specialization: All dental surgeons can perform surgery with traditional dental implants. In contrast, the surgeon that work with immediate loadable implants must have further specialization and experience before he is allowed to do any surgery.  These implants are based on the latest technology. During the surgery with immediate implants, the dental surgeon does not need to cut the gums, but simply screws it into the bone. The jawbone and gum therefore heal faster and the implant becomes stable within a short time.

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