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    Pain free dental treatment

    Is Pain Free Dental Treatment a reality?

    Pain free dental treatment is probably on the 3 top list for anybody, who has a dental treatment.

    You can however feel safe and relaxed when you come to our clinic in Budapest. We are aware of the fact that there can be a lot of things at a dentistry, which can trigger the nervousness out of someone. But let´s be honest there are of course also treatments that can cause pain. Therefor we are prepared not only to calm and relax you but also to provide the necessary tools for a pain free dental treatment.

    After a thorough consultation and talk between you and the dentist, we will offer you several possibilities to eliminate your fear or pain under and after the treatment.

    Before the dental treatment begins we can offer :

    1. You can listen to your favorite calming music
    2. Relaxing pills
    3. Sedation
    4. General Anesthesia

    After the dental treatment is done, we continue to care for you by offering:

    1. Painkiller medication
    2. Antibiotics
    3. Coolable gel bag for pain relief
    4. In addition, you can contact your personal assistant at any time for further help.

    All the above, besides general anesthesia, are free of charge for you.

    As a result, yes Pain free dental treatment is for everybody and it is possible.

    It is all about trust!

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