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    Sinus lift and bone grafting

    Have you lost many of your teeth ?

    Have you been told that sinus lift or bone grafting is the only or the best solution for you?- It does not have to be this way!

    In a lot of cases, when you loos more than 1 tooth  and it is not replaced with dental implants as soon as possible ( a few months after the lost ) you`ll risk loosing the bone mass in that area. The answer, which the traditional dentist offer, is to have a sinus lift or a bone graft.  A piece of your own bone or an artificial bone is inserted into you cheek bone which has no or very little mass. The healing period of this operation takes 4-6 months and afterwords you can get an implant.

    However, there is another method with immediate loading dental implants!

      This does not require any sinus lift or bone grafting.

      You will be free from any stress and pain,

      You`ll get your new teeth in just 1 week compared to several months otherwise

    You can even receive a full prostheses or bridge without any sinus lift and bone grafting! This can only be done by a dentist, who has specialized and worked with immediate loading implants in several years. We can proudly say that we, at Dental Clinic in Budapest, have such dentists. They have acquired a master degree in this field and they are one of the best surgeons in Hungary performing prostheses, bridges with these special dental implants .

    It is all about trust!

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