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    Dentist abroad

    Hereby we will introduce your dentist abroad the highly professional dental surgeon DR. WITH. DENT. BARÁTH GÁBOR as well as his dental clinic in Budapest. We do this because the dentist and the clinic are simply one of the best you can get in Budapest. Here is the reason why:

    Your dental clinic abroad in Budapest

    It is located in a modern building in the heart of Budapest, close to sights such as the Castle District of Budapest or several shopping centers, restaurants, cafes. This can actually be a great advantage when you have to spend a whole week abroad.

    Only highly qualified dentists and dental surgeons work in the clinic in a very friendly and relaxing atmosphere that spreads over 4 treatment rooms.

    The clinic is well equipped and uses the most modern and latest technology as well as the best materials available on the market. In addition, it has its own laboratory, which can be a great advantage especially for you who want to get your teeth delivered quickly and accurately.

    Your dentist abroad in Budapest

    Your dentist abroad , Bathor Gabor is one of the best dentists in the Budapest.

    • His great experience with implants as well as his relaxing way of doing the treatment makes patients feel safe right away.
    • He has performed several thousand surgical operations and is known for solving serious and complicated dental treatments.
    • Although several newspapers have written about him and has been in several television programs, he is a very modest dentist surgeon.
    • His work morale is quite high and therefor the patients come first before anything else. Every day he starts to work at 10 a.m. in the morning and he stays until there is need for him. This even means at 10 p.m. late in the evening.

    Dental surgeon DR. Bathor Gabor and his team specialized in dental implants, bridges, dental crowns.

    The dentist uses special immediately loading dental implants that:

    • can be used even in difficult conditions, when the patient lacks bone mass for implants.
    • do not need any bone grafting, which is otherwise a long treatment process.
    • even in case of bone deficiency, a stable irremovable new bridge with teeth can be mounted immediately.
    • allows you to leave the clinic with new teeth within just one week after implant insertion,  as tooth extraction and implantation can be performed on the same day
    • lasts for a lifetime
    • allows your treatment in Budapest to be a lot cheaper than in your home country

    For many, a visit to the dentist abroad can be associated with discomfort and for some even with dental anxiety. At this dental clinic, however, they do everything to make your visit as comfortable and painless as possible. You can surely trust them!

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